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June 2016

The Process

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It’s currently 12:24am EST and I’m wondering why I’m not asleep. I keep thinking of things that need to be done and designs that need to be finished and did I schedule a post for this or a post for that. It get’s so exhausting at times that I have to stop and take a look back and remind myself why all of this needs to be done.

The main reason I keep coming back to though is basically plain and simple.

I love creating.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I am not forced by some mystical entity to create something. ANYTHING. Whether it’s doodles on a pad of paper or full on artistic visions put to a canvas with gold leaflets. These days I’m more drawn to digital art such as graphic design or photography, but the painter inside me is still thriving. I would even say that my original training in art helped me become the designer I am today.

I write all this because this blog may be about art. It may be about a trip I took to some far away land. It could even be about how my niece is the most adorable and beautiful creature (IMO) to wander this earth. But in the end what this blog will definitely be is ME. Kiki. The girl behind Monkfish and the girl who’s grammar is terrible. The girl who started this with a friend years ago and it’s now fully evolved into something that I think about almost every second of my day.  I’ve worked with some amazing people past few years. Can’t wait to continue doing so and writing all about it.

Much love,


Ps…it’s not 12:36 and I think I did an ok update this late. Literally holding my eyes open with scotch tape.